Mastercall CQA-5 Call Q Announcer

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Mastercall CQA-5 Call Q Announcer. Key Features: Up to five personalised announcements (up to 60 seconds each) stored. Channels may be grouped so that an identical announcement is heard on each line. Local keypad programming and Remote DTMF programming from any telephone. Announcements can be recorded from any telephone, or the tape input, PIN access. Night Service announcements for after hours. Direct Inward Station Access (DISA). Often referred to as an Automated Attendant Abbreviated DISA. The CQA-5 can store up to nine DISA numbers in memory. PIN protected DISA. Sequential Park Slot dial for certain PABX types. Programmable Hook Flash time in increments of 1 millisecond. Programmable digits to be dialled Programmable answer delay. Call counter. Condition: New.